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Video Production

What We Do

Event Recording & Live Streaming

We video record any and all types of live events including weddings, naval ceremonies, sporting events, seminars, conferences, special occasions, name it, we've recorded it!  Once recorded, we're happy to edit your footage and provide as many DVD copies as you may need, as well as HD digital files of your event.

We also provide single or multi-camera live video streaming of events via platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live (this service subject to internet availability).  We can incorporate previously recorded content, images and graphics creating a diverse multimedia broadcast.

For details about wedding videography, please CLICK HERE.

Tape Transfers to DVD

If your home movies aren't digital, they are degrading and you could lose them forever!  Heat, dust, water, magnetic fields and other environmental factors as well as natural degradation will destroy old tapes.  Transferring these old formats to DVD will ensure that your memories are never lost. CLICK HERE for extended details.


Our transfer service is priced per minute of footage, not per tape, and we transfer the following formats: VHS, VHS-C, mini DV, digital and analog Hi8, Beta/BetaSP, Betamax, cassette tape (sorry, we do not transfer reel to reel).

The single most effective way to connect with your potential customers in today's marketplace is combining the accessibility of the internet and the effectiveness of video.  We specialize in producing creative videos that show the world what you do and how you do it. From shooting professional spokespeople on green screen to simply cutting together voice over and B-roll, we'll work with you to come up with the best and most cost effective way to communicate your message.  We're happy to shoot and deliver raw footage, edit your existing content, or produce your entire project from concept to final edit.

Common to our video productions are interviews, testimonials, B-roll, aerials, product shots, training demonstrations and graphic animations.

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