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Professional Video for the Web

It used to be that your business was behind the times if you didn’t have a website.  But now, with people spending less and less time reading detailed text on websites (such as this) and more time watching short videos to get the information they need having web video is crucial for your business to stay ahead of your competition.  That’s where Active Imagination comes in.  We specialize in streamlining the information that you want your customers to know into short, professional videos for your website and social media.  



Having a web video allows customers to research you on their time, in a repeatable format, via a method they are looking for.  The following are significant benefits:


• Increases visitor time on site, which directly relates to sales conversions


• Search engines LOVE video content.  Research has found the presence of a web video makes a website 53x more likely to appear on Google page one


• Quick and efficient way to deliver your message


• Gives your company a personality and builds trust and credibility


• Drives traffic to your site (the key terms associated with videos are searchable, Google owns Youtube!)


• Video is more persuasive, better for recall, and encourages interaction (80% of people say they are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video about it)



If you have a vision for your video, awesome!  Let's do it.  We find, however, most small businesses simply don't know how it works or what to do, so we make it easy.  We come to your location for an interview and B-roll shoot that typically lasts about 2 hours.  We will sit down with you, the owner, the manager, or whomever you want representing your business in the video and ask some basic questions to generate sounds bites that serve as the voice over for the video.  Then we'll shoot B-roll, which is simply supportive shots showing your business in action. Then, we edit it together back in our studio, add in some graphics and bells and whistles, and in 2-4 weeks your video is live!



Every video is unique, and each production may require more or less time and equipment on location.  For that reason, we custom quote each project based on a $300 minimum on location cost, and $120/hr. production rate.  An average 90 second video would range from $600-$800.



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